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Love Like I’ve Never Been Hurt: An Excerpt From Chapter One!

November 5, 2014

Meet Me.

I am
”The Break Up Queen,” “Love Unrequited’s Poster Child,” “Nobody’s Boo.”

And at one time I lived in a land called #ILoveYouArionneBut…

Here’s my story…

“I dig you. I think you’re pretty. I think you’re smart. I like your spirit, your attitude.      I like the way you carry yourself. I damn near like everything about you…It’s just… my life is taking a turn, going in a new direction now…”

“But I do, Arionne. I do want to see other people. I do want to date other women.”

“I can’t do this anymore.”

“This is really hard to say, but I have no more romantic feelings for you.”

These aren’t lines in a script from a play about breakups. I didn’t find these statements in a google search. They aren’t even from bad 1980s movies. I didn’t hear them in a song or read them in a book. I didn’t copy them from the PowerPoint presentation shared at some women’s empowerment conference.

These are real words spoken directly to me from different men I’ve dated, wanted, and loved. Men I thought wanted me just as much as I did them, or at least I’d hoped they would. And maybe they did, but it didn’t last. And when the curtain came crashing down to the stage signaling the end of our real-life love drama, it hurt. Really hurt. Really bad. These words were painful game-changers, watershed moments from which some of those relationships would never recover. In each case there was a wave of hurt that followed their, “I don’t want to be with you” declarations. The loss was real. The shock was staggering. The pain, heart-wrenching. And the disappointment weighed heavily like a ton of bricks.

All of these wonderful men had found different ways of saying “Arionne, I really think you’re a great girl, but I just can’t be with you.” Some added this consolation, “Well, at least not now.” This was the common ending of all of my attempts at relationships. It happened so often that I began to talk to close friends about how I was quickly becoming the poster child for “Love Unrequited.” “I love you, Arionne, but…” was all I ever seemed to hear….”

An excerpt from my book, “Love Like I’ve Never Been Hurt: How To Heal From Heartbreak.” Want to know more of how my story unfolds? More importantly, want to know what I learned about getting over a heartbreak? Meet me in the Lobby of the The Love Rehab on November 11 for the start of a special speaker series I’m hosting! Stop waiting. Go after the happy and healed life you deserve…NOW!!!

With love,


P.S. See ya in class!!!


COVER UNVEILED!!! “Love Like I’ve Never Been Hurt: How To Heal From Heartbreak”

September 17, 2014

Hey Ari Speakers!!! So you’ve waited.  You’ve supported.  You’ve prayed.  And you’ve encouraged.  So here’s your exclusive first look at the AMAZING cover and visual portrayal of my life’s most important work thus far: MY DEBUT BOOK!!!  (Yeah, debut because there will be more to come!)  Oh and guess what…there’s a new mini website, which will serve as the home of the book!  WHOOP WHOOP!!!  Click the photo below to head over to, to sign up to get all the latest updates FIRST!!!  


Love you guys so much.  Thank you again.  For everything.  –Ari

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SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Book Cover (And More!) Unveiled…TOMORROW!!!

September 16, 2014

IMG_6718Hey Ari Speakers!!!

So I am soooo SUPER EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE that I am UNVEILING MY BOOK COVER TOMORROW!!!  I AM GEEKED!!!  And as always I want to thank you my dearest followers for your incredible support over the years!  To show my gratitude, I am going to show you the cover of my book FIRST!  So be sure to check your email early on Wednesday morning, September 17th!  The cover will be in your inbox along with another little surprise!  Can’t wait to share all these goodies with you!!!  So lock this in your mental or actual calendars! Hahaha!  Be blessed y’all!  –Ari


P.S. Have a question?  Got something to say?  You know what to do!!!  SPEAK!!!

How To Self-Publish Your Book And Make Your Dreams COME TRUE!!!

September 1, 2014

unnamedHey Ari Speakers!!!

Been thinking about writing a book?  Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.  The world is waiting…

Not sure where to start?  I wanted to share with you the secret behind my success with self-publishing my first book and the wonderful opportunity you have to get the same training that I did!

Here’s my story…
For the longest time, I wondered what my true purpose was. After years of seeking and praying, 7 to be exact, I found myself in a life coaching program, The She Rises School of Success For Women, where I finally figured out that I had a calling to help women learn how to heal from heartbreak! It was so exciting to finally know, so I was PUMPED! My coach challenged me to write a book to share my message of healing! A passion was sparked in me that I cannot explain so I went CRAZY writing, writing, and writing! But here was the problem: I knew how to get my book written, but I had NO IDEA how to get it published and get it out to the world.

Enter The Best Sellers Project!

Seven-Time Bestselling Author Tiphani Montgomery and Award-Winning Publisher Azrael taught me EVERYTHING I needed to know about self-publishing! From marketing, to distribution, to printing, right down to MAKING THE MONEY. They even worked with me on building my confidence as an author and businesswoman to ensure I would SELL WELL! And they break it down in PLAIN ENGLISH. Anybody can do this!

And let me keep it real: I chose to work with them in particular because they are successful self-published authors themselves! Having made a ridiculous amount of money on their own self-published books, I knew they were the right teachers.

It was an investment that made all the difference for me.  I am weeks away from the biggest success of my life. And I have Tiphani and Azrael to thank for that!

So register for this wonderful program today.  Registration will close soon and they ALWAYS SELL OUT!  ALWAYS!

Also, for a limited time, I will refund you 10% of your TBSP registration fee and give you an advanced autographed copy of my book before the public can get it!  However, you MUST register through this exclusive link to get those deals:

Have questions?  I’d be happy to talk to you about them.  Leave a comment or email me at!

Blessings my love!


P.S.  Have a book idea floating around in your head?  Tell me about it below… SPEAK!!!

The Future of Ari Speaks

July 29, 2014

aribdayphotoHeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyy Ari Speakers!!!

Yes, I know it’s been a minute.  I have been on an unanounced blogcation for several months now.  But I assure that it has been time well spent!  The last time I wrote, I shared about holding my dream in my hand (The manuscript of my forthcoming book).   As you might have guessed, I have been intently working on the completion of my book and needed time away from the blog in order to finish.  And I am ALMOST THERE!  We are prayerfully, looking at a fall release!  **fingers crossed**  Though I can’t announce the title just yet, I can tell you that the book is about healing from heartbreak!  And in it I spill my stories of struggle in this area of life and how I got through it, hopefully inspiring others to do the same.  I CAN’T WAIT!!!

But as we wait for the book’s release…

I thought it was high time that I check-in with my Ari Speaks readers to chat about the future of Ari Speaks.   No worries, my peoples… When the book comes out I have every intention of continuing to write and share about my experiences in love and life.  My blogging efforts will be more focused and refined, and ultimately more valuable to you.  I’m also planning some other really exciting things so please stay tuned.  I wouldn’t dare leave you out!  I would love for you to continue this journey with me.  Thank you all for riding with me for so long!  For that, I am blowing a kiss to you!  MUAH!

In the meantime, holla at me.  Let me know how you’ve been.  SPEAK!!!

Love, Ari

Holding A Dream!!!

February 4, 2014

Holding A Dream!!!

Hey Ari Speakers!!!

I just wanted to share this quick photo with you. Yesterday, I printed my book out for the first time in order to begin the 1st round of editing. And it was quite an AMAZING moment! I didn’t expect to get so emotional (no crying I promise!), but it was so special to actually touch my dream with my actual hands. Dreams aren’t just some distant and imaginary concept. They are made to become real. Thank God mine has! Yours will too! Be blessed!


P.S. What dreams have you held in your hands? Holla at me. SPEAK!!!

Special Ari Speaks Annoucement!!! Don’t Miss It!!!

January 25, 2014
Like my "Womanish" tee?  Get yours at!!!

Like my “Womanish” Tee? Get yours at!!!


How ya been?  Where ya been hidin’? (in my best southern accent!) LOL!

Just kidding.  I know. I know.  I’ve been MIA for a while.   There has been so much happening in my world.  There are exciting changes on the horizon and I cannot wait to tell you about it all.

Many of you know that I completed the 1st draft of my book manuscript October 31st.  My 2nd draft will be complete by January 31st and ready for the editor by mid February!  WOOOHOOOO!!!  So excited!  I’m also building a new website for the book and all the other marketing pieces that come along with that.  The book tells my story of heartbreak and describes how I healed my past hurts, and how you can too!  It was inspired by an original blog post, published here first called “Love Like I’ve Never Been Hurt Before: Blessed Through The Pain.”  This past December I also had the opportunity to present a workshop based on the book at in Dallas at the Winter Meeting of the Christian Education Department of the AME Zion Church.  The workshop was called, “Breaking Up Is Hard To Do.”  It was a wonderful experience and a great opportunity for me to share some of my ideas with people for the first time.  Click the following link to purchase an mp3 download of the workshop from Dove Enterprises ($6): Breaking Up Is Hard To Do!

So what does all this mean???  It means that 2014, promises to be a year full of growth and excitement.  I’ve been learning about marketing, self-publishing, stepping up my business savvy, and doing and reading  just about anything that will help me lauch and successfully promote and sell this book!  And it’s such a relatable topic (heartbreak), so I can’t wait to share it all with you.  And right now I’m doing all I can to ensure I do it right!  Y’all keep me in your prayers!

I promise that you, my faithful AriSpeaks readers, will be the first to know about the new site and book when they launch!  You have been BEYOND supportive and I’m super grateful to you!

In the meantime…Tell me.  What did you learn from your worst heartbreak?  How did you recover?

Holla at me.  SPEAK!!!